Top 10 Ways to Make Vegetables Live Longer, the Waste is Over

Life is only a story of cycles; birth, death, this eternal beginning again, we know the song. For our food it’s the same, but if we can try to delay the process we don’t say no. So the world’s greatest experts gathered around a cooking workshop to concoct these little tricks and tips to make Mercotte pale.

If you like vegetables but not to eat them, we have instead some pet vegetables. To live happier.

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1. Leave the bananas tied together and wrap the end of the bunch in aluminum foil.

It’s something we all do, and we should all stop doing it if we’re plagued by the « ugly black » of bananas. In fact, this phenomenon will only accelerate if we keep them badly, i.e. take the reflex to detach the bananas from each other. In order to prevent the pulp from softening too quickly, not only do we leave the bunch untouched, but we can also cover the end with aluminum foil and extend the ripening period of the bananas by 5 days.

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2. Wrapping the celery in aluminum foil

The same goes for celery and broccoli, two vegetables that will keep for up to 4 weeks (as opposed to one by putting them in the fridge) if they are wrapped in aluminum foil after cleaning them beforehand.

3. Keep the tomatoes far, far away from the fridge.

Unfortunately, this error still seems to be very widespread, and God knows I’ve known refrigerators. Knowing that water is the main component of the tomato, it will freeze because of the cold and in the end, the vegetable (« no it’s a fruit blablabla« ) will lose all its flavor. By keeping them at a moderate temperature, covered with a cloth, tomatoes will keep longer and your taste buds will thank you.

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4. Wrap an unripe avocado in newspaper

The avocado, it’s too much in, it’s too much bath. The problem is that either it’s always too ripe, or it’s rotten overnight and it’s too late. It’s all in the past now. If you wrap it up with newspaper and put it inside a paper bag, all at room temperature. Legend has it that it will ripen twice as fast with a banana, tomato or apple in the bag. Conversely, keeping an avocado in the fridge will slow down the ripening process.

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5. Freezing herbs in olive oil when they start to rot.

If your herbs start to rot after only a few days of life in your kitchen, they could have been treated better already: ideally as a bouquet of flowers, in a glass of water, on the edge of a window. If tragedy is inevitable, you can always brush them with olive oil and place them in the freezer to give them a second life.

6. Wrap lettuce, spinach or cabbage after disinfection

To begin with, wash the leaves in a large quantity of cold water and make sure they are dry before storing them in the refrigerator, preferably in a plastic container or an airtight bag. It is the paper towel that will make the difference, since by protecting the leaves, it will allow your small vegetables to live up to two weeks in very good condition.

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7. Put an apple in a potato fillet

Them again. Since they release ethylene as they ripen, potatoes can benefit from this « apple gas » and avoid sprouting.

8. Thread onions in a pair of pantyhose (rather old huh)

Simply slip one at a time into one leg, and tie the tights between each onion. By keeping your creepiest pantyhose in a rather dry place, they will have a nice and long life.

9. Store the mushrooms in a paper bag with parsley.

Because humidity can be synonymous with fungus, the plastic tray is not a tiptop option for the conservation of the champion, which will remain intact much longer in a paper bag, accompanied by a small bunch of parsley, which will act as an antioxidant. We put everything in the fridge, and bam, it makes chocapics.

10. Give a bath to the small crunchy vegetables

Vegetables that stay in the bin for too long can quickly become all flattened out. If you keep a pan of water in the fridge for 24 hours, where the cut vegetables are bathed, they will be crispy the next day. History of CROQUER life to the fullest twice as long lol.

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Well, if you don’t like vegetables, don’t pay attention to what we say. If, on the contrary, you love it, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends and family.

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