This Organic Bath Mat Collects The Drops When You Get Out Of The Shower To Grow a Very Comfortable Foam.

It is an object which one never speaks about and yet it proves to be particularly practical in our everyday life: the bath mat. Yes, it allows you to get out of the shower in complete tranquility, without putting water everywhere.

But contrary to the models that we see all the time, made of textile fibers which for the most part are synthetic, there are also bath mats of natural and even vegetable origin. This is the case of the one you will discover below, made from organic foam. The idea is rather simple: like a classic plant, it feeds on the small drops of water that fall from your body to grow a natural foam that is particularly comfortable when you put your feet on it. In terms of operation, this mat is evolutionary and « alive » since it develops over time by taking up an increasingly large volume of foam.

Credit : Nguyen La Chanh
Credit : Nguyen La Chanh

An artisanal manufacture to make yourself

Soberly called « Larosée » in reference to the phenomenon of the same name during which droplets are deposited on plants (usually in the evening and sometimes in the morning), this original bath mat is the work of the Vietnamese designer Nguyen La Chanh. The only hitch for those who would like to get it, it is not available for sale and you will have to create it yourself before seeing it on your bathroom’s throne. But don’t panic, there are several video tutorials on Youtube and its composition is not really complex. In fact, all you need is a rigid structure such as a plate of plastazote-type polyethylene foam for the base and foam plugs for the trim. In short, it’s within everyone’s reach!

Credit : Nguyen La Chanh
Credit : Nguyen La Chanh

So, when do we get started?

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