The Remains Of Two Victims, Who Were Attempting To Flee The Eruption Of Vesuvius, Were Found At The Pompeii Site.

Today, we take the direction of Italy and its archaeological site of Pompeii, the scene of a new incredible discovery.

The mythical site of Pompeii still contains many mysteries and other secrets that archaeologists are discovering little by little.

And if each find extracted from the soil – once stained by the lava of Vesuvius – remains priceless, the latest one is nevertheless exceptional, like a true direct testimony of the ancient catastrophe that had buried the Roman city in 79 AD.

Two new remains were discovered on site, the site announced in a press release published on Saturday, November 21.

The two skeletons were found during excavations about 700 meters northwest of Pompeii, in a large villa on the outskirts of the ancient city.

Pompeii site / Twitter

They were found inside a corridor 2.20 meters wide. They were excavated using the famous technique developed by Giuseppe Fiorelli in 1867, which consists of pouring plaster into the cavities where bodies buried under layers of hardened ashes used to be.

Once poured, the liquid dries and solidifies, revealing the shape of the buried bodies.

The remains of these victims were thus reconstituted by the archaeologists who were able to reproduce the exact and significant position they had when they breathed their last!

And everything leads us to believe that they were trying to flee the eruption when death mowed them down.

“The victims were probably looking for shelter in the gallery, they must have thought they were better protected in that space. They were caught in the burning cloud, probably around 9 a.m., when the cloud arrived in Pompeii and completely destroyed the upper floors of the villa,” explained Massimo Osanna, professor of archaeology at the University of Naples and current director of the archaeological site.

Pompeii site / Twitter

What about the identity of these two victims? According to the researchers, it would be about a young slave, about twenty years old and measuring 1.56m, who was accompanied by his master, who was taller (1.62m) and older (between 30 and 40 years old).

“Given the position of the bodies, the victims probably died of thermal shock,” said Massimo Osanna.

If this new find is one more in the long list of Pompeii’s discoveries, one cannot help but think that it is only a tiny part of the treasures buried on the site, which remains one of the most visited in La Botte with nearly four million visitors in 2019.

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