Netflix: All these Exciting Documentaries To Watch During Containment

Check out these exciting documentaries not to be missed on Netflix.

With its rich selection of movies, series and documentaries, Netflix is definitely our best ally in containment. And is an inexhaustible source of entertainment (and sometimes even knowledge). Just like in the first period of quarantine, we’re taking advantage of this second confined round to catch up on all those fascinating documentaries that we would have little time to watch when our daily lives were a little more… hectic.

Politics, animals, fashion, history and even royalty… The documentaries are numerous and varied on the platform of the streaming giant. We get carried away by the fascinating stories about the life of the Princess of Hearts, Lady Di or about Franca Sozzani, Italian fashion priestess who died of a long illness, but we also follow the life of an octopus in the depths of the ocean in “The Wisdom of the Octopus” and the archaeologists eager for Egyptian discoveries in “The Secrets of Saqqarah’s Tomb”. All of which will keep us busy intelligently over the next few weeks.

Here is our short list of exciting documentaries not to be missed on Netflix:

1. Franca, chaos and creation ( a documentary on fashion )

Credit: Fashion Film Festival Milano

28 years at the head of the editorial staff of Vogue Italia: this is the impressive career of Franca Sozzani. In a documentary released in 2016 (the same year as Franca’s death), her son recounts the fashion, the addiction, the intimacy of the illness that took her mother away, the unfailing commitment and creative passion of this singular woman, now a mythical figure in the fashion world.

2. My Octopus Teacher ( an animal documentary )


Immersion in the depths of the ocean, where a most singular friendship develops between a director and the octopus he studies. Documentary very well received on the streaming platform since its release in 2020, “My Octopus Teacher” wants to be a real exciting and touching dive into the life of this mysterious creature.

3. Knock Down the House ( a political documentary )


In this documentary released in 2019 and directed by Rachel Lears, Netflix takes us on a journey (from all walks of life and not without pitfalls) of four American women (including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, currently re-elected for a second term) who are candidates for the American Congress. A fascinating portrait of this country divided by politics.

4. Secrets of the Saqqara Tomb ( a historical documentary )


Recently released, this documentary follows the recent excavation of a tomb discovered at Saqqarah, a famous Egyptian site near Cairo. Despite the 4,400 years that separate us from this tomb (considered one of the greatest discoveries of the past 50 years), its secrets and riches are still intact.

5. Diana in her Own Words ( a royal documentary )

Nationa Geographic / Netflix

Among the plethora of documentaries dedicated to the Princess of Hearts, “Diana in her Own Words” is an exception: it contains unpublished confidences about her marriage, her sexuality and the affair of Prince Charles transcribed from recordings by her diction teacher at the time, Peter Settelen.

6. David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet ( an environmental documentary )


A film testament to the famous naturist David Attenborough, this environmental documentary alerts us to the state of the planet and the solutions that could improve it. A necessary and exciting film.

The list is not finished yet, it will be updated from time to time, do not hesitate to share with us your favorite documentaries.

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