Dream Job: Watch 25 Christmas Movies and Get Paid 2500$

Are you a cinephile and you love Christmas? Then stop everything, we have found your dream job! Indeed, the Reviews website, specialized in testing connected services and streaming, is looking for someone to watch Christmas movies while getting paid for it.

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It’s a secret for nobody, this period of confinement is a moment that everyone has largely taken advantage of to watch many movies and series. And like every year, the arrival of Christmas TV movies allows many of us to immerse ourselves in a festive atmosphere. If we usually watch them for fun, as mentioned above, Reviews offers to pay you to watch 25 Christmas movies in 25 days. This challenge should make some people’s mouths water, especially those who are passionate about the world’s most popular holiday. Between food, decoration, family, songs, Santa Claus and gifts, there is plenty to get carried away.

This original job offer entitled “Holiday Dream” is open to anyone over the age of 18 who is a fan of Christmas. In its description, it says: “If you start celebrating this holiday on November 1st and you have always dreamed of a ticket to the Pôle Express, this job is for you! “It’s enough to make those who swear by the cult holiday want to try their luck. To do so, you can submit your candidacy until December 4, three days before the nomination of the lucky candidate, which will take place on December 7. Unfortunately, the only thing that may unfortunately be a barrier in accessing this unique position is that those wishing to apply must absolutely have a work permit in the United States.


2500$ to watch 25 Christmas movies

Specifically, the successful candidate will be tasked with watching 25 Christmas movies from a list of classics such as “Love Actually”, “The Grinch”, “Klaus” and “Mommy, I missed the plane”. After each screening, he or she will have to write a review of each feature film and finally, establish a ranking between them. As you may have understood, the objective of Reviews is to propose an updated classification of the mythical TV movies around the theme of Christmas. And as a reward, in addition to a salary of 2500 dollars, the one who will win this incredible job will also benefit from one year of streaming offered on all the following platforms : Hulu, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix,Disney +, Apple TV and Hallmark Movies Now. Perfect to continue living your passion for movies!

Isn’t it great?

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