This Nurse Shares Photos of Herself Taken Before and After Working for Eight Months in a Covid-19 unit.

In the United States, a nurse posted a picture of her face marked by the mask on social networks to show the reality of the daily lives of hospital care staff.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus, healthcare personnel have been mobilized on the front lines to fight this pandemic. This is the case of Kathryn, a 27-year-old American nurse.

This weekend, the young woman shared on social networks a montage of two photos of herself taken before and after working for eight months in a resuscitation unit.

A face marked by the health crisis

The first photo was taken in April. At that time, Kathryn had just graduated from nursing school. The second photo, taken last weekend, shows her face swollen and bruised from wearing the mask and the fatigue associated with her workload.

Credit Photo : Kathryn

Saturday night, I was in the middle of a shift, I had just come out of a patient’s room and removed my mask. I had the image in my head of graduation, and I wanted to show the difference a few months can make, and the reality of being a nurse in the pandemic, said the nurse.

Last July, the hospital where she works experienced an increase in Covid-19 cases:

I’ve come to terms with the fact that things are going to get even worse in the coming weeks. I just want it to happen now, so we can get it over with, she said.

Credit Photo : Kathryn

Misinformation affects caregivers

According to her, inaccurate information about Covid-19 and conspiracy theories are affecting her work and that of her colleagues: “There is now an antagonism between doctors, nurses and the general public that didn’t exist before,” she said.

This added weight is added to the long list of horrors she faces on a daily basis, such as the loss of patients :

“We sit and watch patients’ oxygen saturation drop. We can’t do anything else (…). It’s a very difficult thing to know that there is this person who was healthy before Covid-19, and now we just have to watch her die,” she lamented.

Credit Photo : Kathryn

Despite extremely difficult working conditions, Kathryn loves her job because she feels useful: “I think I’m in a better mental state than before because I feel like I’m doing something. It’s annoying to see people treat it like a joke, but when I’m at work, I can help.

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