“What remains in his bank account”: Revelations about Maradona’s fortune

With Diego Maradona freshly buried, the battle for the legacy of the Argentine icon has already begun. But the bank account of “El Pibe de Orao” rings hollow.

This is unfortunately often the case. When a celebrity who had known fame and wealth disappears, it does not take long after his death to see the first battles and quarrels around his succession. For Diego Armando Maradona, victim of a cardiac arrest and disappeared this Wednesday at the age of sixty, things could be particularly complicated. According to the first testimonies, “El Pibe de Oro” did not have more than 85,000 euros in his bank account at the time of his disappearance.

According to a survey by Corriere della Sera published this Friday, Maradona would therefore have little left to offer as a legacy. This is for example what Luis Ventura, an Argentine journalist close to the star, said during the show Fantino a la tarde: “He had almost nothing left in his bank account, he died poor. According to him, Maradona’s enormous wealth was “wasted because of his pierced hands and largely stolen by greedy people. All they had to do was ask, and he would give it to them. »

Never more than 100$ in pocket

For Angelo Pisani, a lawyer who helped Maradona when he was accused of tax evasion in Italy, things are simple: “He lived beyond his means and was very generous. If you want to know where his money went, ask the people around him. He never had more than a hundred dollars in his pocket. “But if the former Napoli player had little cash in the bank, his fortune would actually reside elsewhere.

Multiple investments

According to the Italian media’s survey, this fortune is today located in “jewelry, land and prestigious properties, including an entire building and several apartments located in the center of Buenos Aires”. Maradona’s assets would also include “six luxury cars (BMW, Audi and Rolls Royce), investments in Cuba and Italy, soccer schools in China and image rights contracts that will remain in force even after his death. “According to some Argentinean media, the total is estimated at around €170 million. But others announce the double.

Four children recognized… And five others

Among those who can claim Diego Maradona’s legacy are, of course, his children. Two sons and two daughters that he recognized (Diego Junior, Jana, Dalma, Giannina and Diego Fernando), from two different women. There are also three “supposed” descendants, Joana, Lu and Javielito, from the time when “El Pibe de Oro” was in Cuba. Two other people, Santiago Lara and Magali Gil, also present themselves as children of the Argentinean. Last year, Maradona also declared: “I will leave nothing to my children as an inheritance. I will give everything. “While the world continues to mourn the eternal genius of the 1986 world champion, the battle for his legacy is already being prepared behind the scenes.

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