10 Must-See Spots To See in Colombia

After long years in the shadows, Colombia has come back to light to the delight of curious travelers. Let’s discover 10 unmissable spots to see in your trip to Colombia, a taste of El Dorado by our best specialists.

1. Providencia

Cayo Cangrejo, isla de Providencia, Colombia / Shutterstock

Isla de la Providencia is next to the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea.
Even if the Colombian flag flies over this volcanic land, it is still closer to the Nicaraguan coast.
Mountainous and full of green spaces, the island offers superb seabed , to be discovered mask on the eyes, as well as a tropical serenity that is deserved and will make you feel like if you are in a peaceful cloud .

2. Punta gallinas

View point Casares near Punta Gallinas is the northern point of South America, La Guajira, Colombia / ShutterStock

Punta Gallinas, or the northernmost point in South America.
The sea , in Punta Gallinas , for the horizon, and a whole continent behind you. A really colorful part of the world is waiting for you : golden dunes, turquoise water, ocher cliffs, nearby emerald mangroves, and then red, blue, yellow fabrics, and the pink and orange gradient at sunset.
It’s a true and real festival of colors.

3. Vallee de Cocora

Credit: Exequiel Schvartz / ShutterStock

In vallee de cocora , there is an ideal crucible for growing coffee, this Cocora Valley is also a home to an endemic species of palm trees that rise up to 70 meters high! Crazy ? Yes.
A leisurely walk along spectacular ridges, off the classic tourist trails, allows you to appreciate these exceptional landscapes before discovering the village of Salento.
The village of Salento has a pleasant historic center is alive with local life. If you love history , it’s the most suitable place for you.

4. San Agustin

Credit: Jess Kraft / ShutterStock

San Agustin is perched at an altitude of more than 1,700 m in the middle of the Colombian massif, it would only be a small town if the centuries and Andean civilization had not left a testimony as unique as it is imposing.
When we talk about a testimony , we talk about this massive archaeological park we find inside , it truly brings together an impressive collection of religious monuments and megalithic sculptures carved from tuff and volcanic andesite.
These statues are an Unesco-listed statues and they were erected between the 1st and the 9th century and guess what ? They demonstrate astonishing creativity and technical mastery.

5. Tierradentro

Credit: reisegraf.ch

Back in the archaeology and if you are in love with the field. This place would be perfect for you to visit. The pre-Columbian archaeological universe, Tierradentro echoes an isolated site and it was classified as a World Heritage Site by Unesco.
It is actually an honorable way of protecting the funeral tombs adorned with statues and rock paintings that have been waiting in the half-light of the hypogeums for ten centuries.
Of course magic. And who doesn’t love magic ? This places promises you an unique spiritual experience.

6. Cartagena

Credit: Sunsinger

You love dancing ? You love festivity ? This place would be the most suitable place for you.
The city extends her arms to you inviting you to the dances which are the pride of the Colombian Caribbean coast today: Salsa, Cumbia, Merengue and other Vallenato …
The city is known for its character, but it is also known by its warm climate.
It romantic walls and its irresistible party nights will make you fall in love with her.
To approach it is a temptation, to know it a delight, to rub shoulders with it a privilege.

7. Casa Galavanta

Credit: wondermagazine

Isolated at an altitude of 1,500 m between dense forest and coffee plantations, Casa Galavanta offers a peaceful and natural retreat in a breathtaking setting.
Wood is omnipresent, the interiors are airy, the bay windows are huge to better look outwards. The lodge has been designed with the aim of ensuring a maximum level of comfort and luxury well balanced, while preserving its environment and minimizing the natural impact.
And to disconnect even more: nap in the hammock, aperitif on the terrace at sunset, yoga in the garden, a book by the fireplace and no internet.

8. Barichara

Credit: Joerg Steber

To find the place that would give her all her inspiration, she traveled the Andes.
The ideal place had to offer him: a breathtaking view for the height of the mind, a mild climate all year round to be able to carve, sculpt, and paint at will, the proximity of his Muisca roots for learning the techniques of his ancestors.
Barichara has indeed succeeded in its bet, it is today a haven of peace where it is good to stroll, daydream … and create.

9. Parc de Tayrona

Credit: streetflash

Sierra Nevada has always been an example of harmony between man and nature.
Following it, we quickly realize that our perception of the tropical jungle is far exceeded. In the heart of Tayrona Park, especially on the pre-Columbian site of Pueblito as well as on its sublime white sand beaches bordered by enigmatic
rocks. The more adventurous will push back to basics to the Lost City. The summit of the Sierra Nevada is also the highest point in the country at 5,775 m, 35 km as the crow flies from the Caribbean Sea. In the early morning we can therefore bathe while contemplating the eternal snows. It is therefore easy to understand why the Indians of the Sierra venerate their mountain as the sacred bridge between sea and sky.

10. Guatape

Aerial shots el penol guatape / Credit: hillsn_1992

Located less than two hours from Medellin, Guatapé is a colonial village with undeniable charm. Its colorful alleys, its various balconies and numerous squares will offer you a magical moment for the eyes. However, the main attraction is the lake that borders the village. Many aquatic activities are available to you. In order to admire the entire lake, you will need to go to Piedra del Penol. Indeed, this rock perched two hundred meters high will give you a breathtaking view at three hundred and sixty degrees on the lake and the various islands. But before enjoying the show, you will need to climb the six hundred and forty-nine steps to reach the top of the rock.

What about you? Do you have other places to share with us?

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