Top 10 Destinations that could Gain in Popularity after Covid-19

If for the moment the coronavirus has put the majority of tourists under house arrest, when the crisis is over, they should have fun and make up for lost time. But where will they go? That’s a bit of a million euro question.

Tourism, which will probably be motivated, initially at least, by safety and health. Basically, the specialists believe that the countries that will first be favored by travelers may well be those that have reacted best to the crisis. Even though the virus has completely disappeared from the landscape… In an attempt to anticipate this trend, the Pacific Asia Travel Association, the Global Health Security Index, TCI Research, TripAdvisor and the World Economic Forum (yes, that’s a lot of people) have drawn up a list of 11 countries that could do well after the pandemic…

1. Japan

Although it was not spared by Covid-19, Japan’s response was deemed adequate and robust, limiting the number of victims and contamination. Logically, already popular before the epidemic, the Land of the Rising Sun could well become more so.

Visit Japan / Facebook

2. Australia

Same observation as for Japan. Well, the problem is that Australia is also far away… And that there are fires… And that there is a climate-sceptical Prime Minister… And that overall Australia is a weird country. But it’s true that right now, the prospect of walking on the immense beaches of the east coast, near the coral reef, proves to be very attractive. / Facebook

3. New Zealand

We stay in countries geographically very far away from us and as much to say that it concerns the whole top. New Zealand has also responded very effectively to the pandemic, closing its borders and applying measures that have enabled it to not register many cases and therefore to limit very strongly the number of victims.

100% Pure New Zealand / Facebook

4. Singapore

Singapore did not wait to react to the coronavirus, putting in place relevant actions that enabled it to stand out on a global scale. It is therefore normal that more and more tourists are thinking of going there once all this is over.

Singapore Tourism Board / Facebook

5. Vietnam

There also good answer to the Covid-19! As a result, it is likely that Hanoi will see in the coming months an important influx of tourists from all over the world.

6. Malaysia

We are staying in Asia with another nation that has managed things with an efficiency that is now being acclaimed.

Tourism Malaysia / Facebook

7. Indonesia

In Indonesia, currently, mid-November 2020, the number of daily victims does not exceed 100. For 267.7 million inhabitants. Just to compare with other countries …

Indonesia Travel / Facebook

8. South Korea

South Korea was also quick to make a name for itself thanks to its effective crisis management. And it’s nice Korea! A destination to consider for 2021 or 2022?

VisitKorea / Facebook

9. China

And here it’s necessarily more surprising because it’s from there, in Wuhan, that the virus started. Unless, of course, it is a trick of the aliens who, via the jet engines of the airliners, spread the coronavirus a little everywhere. It’s possible, isn’t it?

amigosdechina / Instagram

10. Thailand

Considered safe and responsible, Thailand has scored points that could allow it to rally many tourists to its cause after the pandemic.

@trip2bkk / Facebook

11. India

India, which was heavily affected (second most affected country after the USA), nevertheless applied strict containment and measures that considerably curbed the epidemic. The mortality rate was among the lowest in the country. The fact remains that India, according to specialists, could also see an influx of tourists in the hopefully very near future.

india_tourism / Instagram

“Strangely” enough, several countries known in the field of tourism do not appear in this top, such as Morocco, France, United States…

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